Student Officers

Do you have the feeling you are an experienced delegate? Do you know all about the Rules of Procedure and points and motions? Do you have the patience, knowledge and interest to become a Student Officer? Register below to apply for a Student Officer position at HagaMUN!

Please note that the deadline to fill in this form and to send us your letters has been changed to the 18th of November 2023. If you still want to sign up after this deadline, please fill in this form and email us at to explain your situation and why you are late.

It is imperative to accompany this form with a Letter of Motivation, outlining why you believe you should be a Student Officer, your MUN experience and what you would be able to contribute to this conference, as well as a Letter of Recommendation from your MUN-Director. MUN-Directors’ recommendations should include some reference to the candidates’ academic performance, school and extra-curricular activities. Those two letters should be returned to by the 18th of November. Where there is more than one application from one school, MUN-Directors must rank order. If no MUN-director will register your school at the conference but you do want to request housing, please include this request in your email.

Please note that at HagaMUN each Student Officer will have to write a Research Report and will have to prepare a short summary presentation.

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