Programme of Events

Thursday 7th of March

xx.xx-xx.xxStudent Officer Dinner*

Friday 8th of March

13.00-14.00 Arrivals and Registration
13.00-13.30 Student Officer Briefing (Compulsory)
14.00-16.30Committees in Session/Committees Lobbying
14.15-14.45 MUN-Director Meeting (Compulsory)
16.30-17.00Student Officer Debriefing
xx.xx-xx.xxMUN-Director Dinner*

Saturday 9th of March

08.30-09.00Student Officer Briefing (Compulsory)
09.15-10.15Committees in Session/Committees Lobbying
10.30-12.00Opening Ceremony
12.15-14.15Staggered Lunch
13.00-14.00Reception and Lunch for MUN-Directors and Guest Speakers
13.00-17.30Committees in Session 
16.30-17.00MUN-Director Meeting (Compulsory)
17.00-17.30Student Officer Debriefing (Compulsory)
20.00-00.00HagaMUN Party
The HagaMUN party will be held at the Pier in Scheveningen.

Sunday 10th of March

09.00-09.30Stoff briefing
09.30-16.00Committees in Session
12.00-14.00Staggered lunch
13.00-16.00GA and SPC Plenary Session
15.30-16.00MUN-Director Meeting (Compulsory)
16.45-17.45Closing Ceremony
18.00-18.30Student Officer Debriefing (Compulsory)

* The times and locations for the Student Officer and MUN-Director Dinner will be announced at a later date.

** The dates, time and location for the MUN-Director Historical Tour will be announced at a later date.