The committees represented at HagaMUN 2019 with the issues to be discussed are published below. Research reports can be downloaded.



1. The power vacuum following the defeat of the Islamic State in Iraq Research report GA1 issue 1

2. The prevention of the use of lethal autonomous weapons Research report GA1 issue 2

3. International cooperation in preventing cyber terrorism  Research report GA1 issue 3

4. Countermeasures against international recruitment by terrorist organizations Research report GA1 issue 4



1. Measures to combat tax evasion  Research report GA2 issue 1 

2. Implementing international legislation regarding cryptocurrencies Research report GA2 issue 2

3. Improving the financial conditions in home countries of economic refugees Research report GA2 issue 3

4. Measures to combat trade wars and the effects they have on national economies Research report GA2 issue 4



1. The question of  ‘gender identity’ as part of anti-discrimination laws Research report GA3 issue 1

2. Strengthening international cooperation to combat human trafficking in the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean area Research report GA3 issue 2

3. The question of displaced artifacts and their return to the country of origin Research report GA3 issue 3

4. The growing problem of worldwide obesity Research report GA3 issue 4



1. Protecting the human rights of Palestinians under Israeli rule Research report GA4 issue 1

2. The issue of space debris Research report GA4 issue 2

3. The question of the western Sahara Research report GA4 issue 3

4. Territorial disputes in the arctic region Research report GA4 issue 4



1. Criminal accountability of United Nations officials and experts on mission Research report GA6 issue 1

2. Providing a regulatory framework to prevent abusive hostility based on sexual preferences of the victim

3. The question of the death penalty

4. Measures to improve international extradition Research report GA6 issue 4



1. Defining the role of the international community in refugee crises Research report SPC issue 1

2. Addressing the increasing amount of trade protectionism Research report SPC issue 2

3. Reconsidering the international stance on drug usage Research report SPC issue 3

4. The prevention of a renewed international nuclear arms race Research report SPC issue 4



1. The issue of stray landmines in post conflict areas Research report DIS issue 1

2. Measures to disarm the Central American drug war  Research report DC issue 2

3. The prevention of the use of mercenaries in international conflicts Research report DIS issue 3

4. Measures to diminish all nuclear weapons from unrecognized nuclear weapon states Research report DIS issue 4



1. Finding ways to oppose the eruption of violence regarding potential ethnic cleansing in the Democratic Republic of Congo Research report AU issue 1

2. Finding measures to resolve the conflict against Boko Haram Research report AU issue 2

3. Eliminating the nepotism and therefore reducing the corruption in African nations Research report AU issue 3


HSC (2003)

1. The threat posed by the Iraqi regime to peace in the Middle-East Research report HSC issue 1

2. The issue of Middle-Eastern based terrorism in regards to international stability Research report HSC issue 2

3. The ongoing civil war in Burundi Research report HSC issue 3



1. The still-existing power vacuum following the 2011 revolution in Libya Research report SC issue 1

2. Turmoil in Venezuela as a result of bad governance Research report SC issue 2

3. The question of cyber security in regards to national elections Research report SC issue 3



1. The coexistence of individual privacy and national and international security measures Research report HRC issue 1

2. The abolishment of the death penalty Research report HRC issue 2

3. Improving the human rights of refugees in refugee camps Research report HRC issue 3

4. Promoting implementation of legislation to ensure equality of all sexual preferences Research report HRC issue 4



1. The issue on sustainable peace in the Sahel region of Africa in regard to ethno-religious tensions Research report PBC issue 1

2. The Rohingya crisis in Myanmar Research report PBC issue 2

3. The safety of the UN peacekeeping forces in Mali, Somalia and Central African Republic Research report PBC issue 3



1. Re-evaluating border agreements in regard to asylum seekers Research report ECOSOC issue 1

2. Finding ways to create sustainable politics by facilitating youth engagement Research Report ECOSOC Issue 2

3. Decreasing the social-economic influence of drug cartels in developing countries Research report ECOSOC issue 3

4. The question of the refugee crisis and its impact on the labour market Research report ECOSOC issue 4



1. Implementing measures to ensure the achievement of the goals set in the Paris agreement Research Report G20 issue 1

2. Dealing with the impact of the global refugee-crisis on the world economy Research report G20 issue 2

3. The issue of the underdeveloped position of women in corporate leadership Research Report G20 issue 3



1. The curbing of illegal immigration from Northern Africa to the European Union Research report EC issue 1

2. The European Union’s reaction to the anti EU sentiment spreading around Europe Research report EC issue 2

3. The issue of the aging population of EU member states Research report EC issue 3



1. Measures to decrease the greenhouse gas emission as a result of the fast fashion industry Research report UNFCCC issue 1

2. Preventing the loss of biodiversity Research report UNFCCC issue 2

3. The environmental consequences of over-tourism Research report UNFCCC issue 3

4. Reducing vulnerability to extreme weather caused by global warming Research report UNFCCC issue 4