What are the main activities to engage in at an MUN conference?

Your main activities as a delegate attending a MUN always consist of the following two components: lobbying and debating. The Security Council will be the only committee not engaging in the lobbying activities, due to the ad hoc debate this committee will be following.

Whilst lobbying, you seek to complete the draft resolution you wrote at home together with delegates with the same policies or interests in order to merge to a complete and effective resolution.
After lobbying, when all the resolutions have been completed and have been approved by the Approval Panel, the debates will start.
Each resolution is separately debated and voted over by the whole committee. The chairs decide how much time to spend on each resolution. The debate starts off with an opening speech by the submitting Delegation and after that will consist of delegates giving speeches either in favour or against the resolution (these delegates will thereafter be asked questions by different delegates in the committee via Points of Information) and making amendments, which will also be voted over by the committee. Depending on your committee, you will at the end of the weekend have a Plenary Session in which you debate the best-passed resolutions from each Sub-Commission with all the delegates from the different Sub-Commissions of your Committee.

HagaMUN will also offer its participants a set of workshops, guest speakers and documentaries.

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