Student Officers

The First General Assembly

  • Jules Mateo-Nerlich (Chair)
  • Aadya Choudhary (Deputy Chair)

The Third General Assembly

  • Drishti Bhatnagar (Chair)
  • Éamonn Ó Súilleabháin (Deputy Chair)

The Fourth General Assembly

  • Natalie Plaza Cardenas (Chair)
  • Yun Bapat (Deputy Chair)

The Security Council

  • Yuvraj Klaassens (Chair)
  • Romain Krummenacher (Deputy Chair)

The Historical Security Council

  • Tobi Versteeg (Chair)
  • Sara Bonato (Deputy Chair)

The Economic and Social Council

  • Demetra Papantoniou (Chair)
  • Francois Vogel (Deputy Chair)

The Human Rights Council

  • Adham Amr (Chair)
  • Anne Dekker (Deputy Chair)

The Special Conference on the Right of the Child

  • Baptiste Buet (Chair)
  • Steven Voerknecht (Deputy Chair)