Press Members

Do you enjoy writing or making pictures? Are you interested in experiencing a different side of MUN? Become part of the HagaMUNDUS press team! Everyday, all participants receive the HagaMUNDUS, a newspaper with relevant news articles, interviews with delegates, staff and admins and fun comics and quizzes.

Please note that the deadline to fill in this form has been extended to the 19th of February. If you still want to sign up after this deadline, please fill in this form and email us at to explain your situation and why you are late.

It is imperative to accompany this with a Letter of Motivation, outlining why you think you should be a Press Officer and what you can contribute to the Press Team. If no MUN-director will register your school at the conference but you do want to request housing, please include this request in your email.

Please also note that Press Members are also required to pay a fee for their participation. The fee is the same as the fee for delegates, Student Officers and MUN-directors.

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