Housing and accommodation

The HagaMUN Foundation and the Gymnasium Haganum provide community housing. This means students participating in any way in the conference can reside, for the duration of the conference, at the houses of Gymnasium Haganum students, where besides lodging, breakfast and dinner will also be provided. Please note that the duration of the conference is two nights, those in between the conference days (from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday). Special requests for longer stays can be made and will be considered, but we are not able to guarantee this at this moment.

We shall try our hardest to fulfil every request, but we have a limited amount of housing available. Especially because of COVID-19, there’s only a limited number of places available since fewer host families are willing to participate this year. The principle is first come, first served when this limit is exceeded. We will give housing priority to those who have to travel the longest distance or who would not be able to participate otherwise, but we aspire to fulfil every request.

Housing requires a small contribution of € 5, – per participant. Participants interested in housing are obliged to request this before the 18th of November 2022. Housing requests can be made by sending your wishes to  hagamunhousing@gmail.com or by filling in this form. Requests made after this deadline will be more difficult to entertain. After your housing request has been granted, we will send you additional forms to fill in in order to finalise the process.