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Research Reports
The Student Officers at HagaMUN will write a Research Report on each issue of their respective committee. This is a paper that contains a general overview, solutions and more. Click here to download the research report of a certain issue.

Participating schools receive a certain number of mailings. These mailings include inter alia invitations, information and registration information. The first mailing will be sent to the network of schools the HagaMUN can contact, but the conference will always be open to new schools that want to participate. Click here to view, download and/or request these mailings.

Rules of Procedure
The HagaMUN conference will always use the most updated set of THIMUN Rules of Procedure. Click here to get more information regarding Rules of Procedure and a link to a PDF-file containing the official THIMUN Rules of Procedure. Especially useful for students that have not visited THIMUN and/or come from non-European countries.